Shawn is an accomplished and experienced speaker, who seamlessly combines experience and insights from his years of chiropractic clinical practice, knowledge-transfer leadership, lecturing and teaching, to deliver passionate, high-energy presentations on a variety of interesting topics.


Shawn curates a number of dynamic presentations which are continually updated. These presentations vary in length from 60 minutes to a full day (8 hours). Please Contact Shawn for more details and current options.


Fees are calculated based on the following:
  1. length of presentation
  2. whether the presentation has to be specifically developed or significantly modified, from an existing presentation
  3. door-to-door travel expenses, including ground transport, flight, hotel and incidentals


  1. Dr. Thistle requires 3 months notice if you want him to present one of the topics listed below.
  2. Please allow a 6 month minimum if you require a specialized presentation for your event.
  3. Shawn can suggest possible dates in his schedule if you have not already chosen a date.