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Spinal Manipulation & Stroke 102: Research Updates / 1 Credit

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Course Reviews Included:

  1. Risk-Benefit Assessment Strategy to Exclude Cervical Artery Dissection in Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  2. Risk of Carotid Stroke after Chiropractic Care: Population-Based Case-Crossover Study
  3. Cervical Arterial Dissection in Manipulative Therapy Practice
  4. Chiropractic Care & Cervical Artery Dissection: No Evidence for Causation
  5. Diagnosis of Acute Vestibular Syndrome

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize our current state of knowledge pertaining to screening patients for potential cervical artery dissection before providing cervical spinal manipulation.
  2. Investigate the association between chiropractic care and carotid artery-related stroke and compare that to the association with primary care exposures.
  3. Describe cervical artery dissection and how it impacts the practice of cervical spinal manipulation.
  4. Cite the strength of evidence about whether chiropractic neck manipulation causes cervical artery dissection based on a systematic review, meta-analysis, and evaluation of the body of evidence as a whole.
  5. Outline the bedside diagnosis and management of an acute vestibular syndrome, with the suspicion for stroke.



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