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Pregnancy & Pediatrics 102 / 1 Credit Hour

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Learning Objectives:
  1. Summarize consensus-based recommendations regarding best practices for the chiropractic care of children
  2. Examine all reported cases of serious adverse events in infants and children receiving manual therapies from chiropractors as well as practitioners from other disciplines
  3. Compare the effectiveness of Kinesio taping combined with exercise on abdominal recovery in women post-caesarean section compared with exercise alone
  4. Assess alterations in pelvic floor function in pregnant women secondary to spinal manipulation
  5. Explore the association between exercise levels and types pre-pregnancy and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy in nulliparous women
Reviews Included:
  1. Best Practices for Chiropractic Care of Children
  2. Chiropractic and Other Manual Therapies for Infants and Children: Adverse Events Literature Review
  3. Effects of Exercise & Kinesiotaping on Abdominal Recovery in Women after Caesarian Section
  4. Effect of SMT on Pelvic Floor Function in Pregnant & Non-Pregnant Women
  5. Exercise Level Before Pregnancy & the Risk of Pelvic Girdle Pain
A score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate. After answering all questions click on the Submit button. The next page shows you if the answers were correct or not. If necessary you can Attempt the quiz again to correct and proceed. There is no limit to the number of times you can re-attempt the quiz. Once you pass the quiz and submit it your Certificate will be available for download as a .pdf


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