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Nutrition 103 / 1 Credit

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Reviews Included:

  1. Dietary Influence on Pain via the Immune System +MP3
  2. Targeted Alteration of Dietary Fatty Acids for the Treatment of Chronic Headache – RCT +MP3
  3. Health Effects of Intermittent Fasting – Systematic Review +MP3
  4. Low Back Pain & Poor Blood Flow: Exploring the Connection between Disc Degeneration & Atherosclerosis +MP3
  5. Glucosamine Supplementation: Low Back Pain Updates +MP3

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the effects of various foods on immune cells and chronic pain
  2. Explore the association between dietary omega fatty acid consumption and the frequency and severity of chronic headaches in an adult population
  3. Summarize the best available human evidence on intermittent fasting and its proposed health benefits
  4. Outline the potential associations between atherosclerosis and disc degeneration featuring low back pain
  5. Determine, clinically and biologically, whether glucosamine supplementation can help with low back pain, intervertebral and arthritic lumbar spine problems



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