Low Back Pain: Lancet Series & Recent Guidelines / 1 Credit

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Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify and describe, using contemporary evidence, the worldwide calamity surrounding low back pain and the emerging opportunity for chiropractors and other manual and rehabilitative clinicians
  2. Summarize the multitude of low back pain practice guidelines, specifically pertaining to the evidence for prevention and treatment
  3. Outline evidence-based treatment guidelines for acute, subacute and chronic low back pain (with or without radiculopathy) in primary care
  4. Synthesize the best available evidence on the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain using SMT alone or in combination with other conservative treatments
  5. Summarize two Danish clinical guidelines regarding non-surgical management of recent onset low back pain or lumbar radiculopathy

Reviews Included:

  1. Lancet Low Back Pain Series – Part 1 – Evidence-Based Call to Action +MP3
  2. Lancet Low Back Pain Series – Part 2 – Prevention & Treatment +MP3
  3. Noninvasive Treatments for Low Back Pain – Clinical Practice Guideline from the American College of Physicians +MP3
  4. SMT & Conservative Treatments for Low Back Pain – CCGI Clinical Guideline +MP3
  5. Non-Surgical Treatment of Recent Onset Low Back Pain or Lumbar Radiculopathy – Danish Clinical Guidelines +MP3 


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