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Hip Rehab 101: Concepts & Techniques / 1 Credit

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the effects of resistance band placement on gluteal muscle activation during two common exercises.
  2. Outline hip rehabilitation exercises that best activate gluteal
    muscles without simultaneously activating the antagonistic Tensor Fascia
    Latae (TFL).
  3. Examine the effectiveness of isolated hip abductor and external
    rotator strengthening on pain, health status, and hip strength in
    females with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.
  4. Appreciate the role of hip strength in governing kinematic variables and muscle activation during single-leg tasks.
  5. Understand how hip weakness can potentially contribute to knee pain and altered running mechanics.

Course Reviews:reviews in this course are also available in MP3 format

  1. Effects of Resistance Band Placement on Gluteal Muscle Activation During Two Hip Exercises
  2. Exercises Targeting Gluteal Muscles Without TFL Activation
  3. Hip Abductor & External Rotator Strengthening for Women with Patellofemoral Pain
  4. Lumbopelvic Landing Kinematics in Women with Contrasting Hip Strength
  5. Effect of Hip Strengthening on Running Mechanics & Single-Leg Squat



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