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Functional Movement Screen 101 / 1 Credit

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Learning Objectives:
    • Appraise the reliability and utility of the Functional Movement Screen FMS
    • Assess whether expert and novice FMS raters can report the same scores
    • Demonstrate the relationship between FMS score and risk of injury
    • Examine the utility of the FMS as a way of evaluating changes in individual movement patterns after an exercise intervention
    • Determine if improvements in passive hip ROM and core endurance
      result in changes in hip and spine motion during the performance of
      functional movements

      Course Reviews:reviews in this course are also available in MP3 format
        • Functional Movement Screen: Reliability & Normative Data
        • Interrater Reliability of the Functional Movement Screen
        • Functional Movement Screen for Predicting Injuries (in Military Recruits)
        • Using the Functional Movement Screen to Evaluate Effectiveness of Training
        • Improvements in Hip Flexibility Do Not Transfer to Mobility in Functional Movement Patterns



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