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Contemporary Pain Research 102 / 1 Credit Hour

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Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the mechanisms underpinning the presentation of central sensitization and define how clinicians can clinically recognize and treat it
  2. Summarize the practical assessment of chronic pain using a biopsychosocial framework
  3. Outline relevant factors pertaining to clinical presentation, pathophysiology and treatment of chronic neuropathic pain
  4. Examine the potential role played by spinal manipulative therapy in the management of central sensitization
  5. Investigate the hypoalgesic effect of thoracic spinal manipulation on pain induced by temporal summation
Reviews Included:

  1. Recognition & Treatment of Central Sensitization in Chronic Pain Patients
  2. Clinical Biopsychosocial Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain
  3. Neuropathic Pain – Pathophysiology & Clinical Factors
  4. Role of Spinal Manipulation in Modifying Central Sensitization
  5. Reduced Temporal Summation as a Mechanism of Pain Relief with Spinal Manipulation


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