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Cervical Somatosensory Integration 101 / 1 Credit

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Reviews Included:

  1. Dizziness, Visual Disturbances & Sensorimotor Control in Traumatic Neck Pain +MP3
  2. Sensorimotor Control in Idiopathic Neck Pain & Healthy Subjects – Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis +MP3
  3. Cervico-Ocular Reflex in Non-Specific Neck Pain +MP3
  4. Altered Multisensory Integration in Subclinical Neck Pain Patients +MP3
  5. The Cervical Myodural Bridge – Review & Clinical Implications +MP3

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize the evidence pertaining to sensorimotor disturbance in the context of neck pain
  2. Evaluate the literature pertaining to clinical tests of cervical sensorimotor control in patients with idiopathic neck pain
  3. Measure the cervico-ocular and vestibulo-ocular reflexes in patients with non-specific neck pain
  4. Analyze differences in multisensory integration via sensory response times in patients with subclinical neck pain over a 4-week interval
  5. Examine the clinical relevance of the cervical myodural bridge



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