BUNDLE 07 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits

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Course #1 - Low Back Pain: Randomized Trials on Treatment
  1. Supervised Exercise vs. SMT vs. Home Exercise for Chronic LBP - RCT
  2. McKenzie Method vs. Spinal Manipulation for LBP +/- Peripheralization
  3. Spinal Manipulation vs. Diclofenac for Acute Low Back Pain
  4. Antibiotics for Chronic Low Back Pain: Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
  5. CHIRO Study: RCT on Clinical Practice Guideline use in Acute LBP
Course #2 - Headaches 102
  1. Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapy Management of Tension-Type & Cervicogenic Headaches
  2. Headaches in Children: Updates on Complimentary Treatments
  3. Mechanism of Manual Therapy in Chronic Tension-Type Headache
  4. Manual Therapy for Chronic Tension-Type Headache
  5. Neck Exercises for Cevicogenic Headache
Course #3 - Lumbar Disc Herniation 101: Centralization, Directional Preference & Physical Exam
  1. Centralization in Patients with Sciatica: Is There a Relation to Outcomes & Disc Lesion Types?
  2. Directional Preference Management for LBP: Systematic Review
  3. Centralization & Directional Preference: Systematic Review
  4. Accuracy of Physical Examination for Identifying the Level of Lumbar Disc Herniation
  5. Neurological Examination to Diagnose Lumbar Disc Herniation: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
Course #4 - Neurological Differential Diagnosis 101
  1. Differential Diagnosis of Foot Drop Via Assessment of Hip Abduction Strength
  2. Abduction-Extension Cervical Nerve Root Stress Test
  3. Fingertip-to-Floor Test & Straight Leg Raise in LBP
  4. Double Crush Syndrome - A Delphi Study
  5. Relationship Between Intervertebral Disc Degeneration & Herniation
Course #5 - Tendinopathy 101
  1. Compressive Load - A Factor in Tendinopathy?
  2. Managing Tendinopathy in Competing Athletes
  3. Sports & Exercise-Related Tendinopathies: ISTS Review
  4. Achilles & Patellar Tendinopathy Loading Programs: Systematic Review
  5. Intrinsic & Extrinsic Mechanisms of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
Course #6 - Pain 102: Clinical Miscellaneous
  1. Neuropathic Pain: Mechanisms & Clinical Implications
  2. Neuroanatomical Basis for Waddell's Signs
  3. Mechanism-Based Classification of Nociceptive, Neuropathic & Central Sensitization Pain: Summary of 3 Papers
  4. Reliability of Body Pain Diagrams: Systematic Review
  5. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Course #7 - Pregnancy 101: Clinical Considerations
  1. Chiropractic Treatment of Pregnant Patients: Prospective Cohort
  2. Adverse Events from Spinal Manipulation in Pregnant & Post-Partum Patients
  3. Physical Therapy Treatment Recommendations for Lumbopelvic Pain During Pregnancy: Systematic Review
  4. Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain & Pelvic Biomechanics: Systematic Review
  5. Micronutrient Supplementation & Pregnancy: Systematic Review
Course #8 - Research on Acupuncture 101: Efficacy & Safety
  1. Acupuncture for Acute Low Back Pain - Systematic Review
  2. Cost-Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain
  3. Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis
  4. Safety of Acupuncture During Pregnancy: Systematic Review
  5. Effects of Acupuncture on Brain Activity in Migraine Patients
  1. Go to the first Course, proceed through the lessons using the 'Next Arrow Icon' in bottom right corner and complete the quiz at the end of each course in the Bundle. NOTE: a score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate (you may re-attempt the quiz if necessary), and MUST open each lesson in the course or the system will not generate the certificate.
  2. If you wish, you can download the 1-Credit Certificate for that individual course. Then return to the Course Bundle through the sidebar navigation to complete the remaining courses in that Bundle.
    To download the FINAL certificate for all 8 Courses-8 Credits, all quizzes MUST BE COMPLETED. At the bottom is a link to your FINAL certificate for the entire Bundle. NOTE: this final certificate will include the Bundle title (ex. 'BUNDLE 09 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits') as well as the titles of the Courses within this bundle.
  3. You can also access your Certificates at any time using the 'MY CERTIFICATES' menu link in top menu.
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