BUNDLE 06 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits

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COURSE #1 - Exercise in Manual Medicine 102: Rehabilitation to Performance
  1. Resistance Training in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation - Systematic Review
  2. Effects of Isolated and Integrated Core Stability Training on Athletic Performance
  3. Does Clinical Outcome in Chronic LBP Treated with Exercise Correlate with Performance Measures?
  4. Elliptical vs. Treadmill - Torso Motion and Muscle Activity
  5. Core Training and Throwing Velocity in Handball Players
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #2 - Hip 102 Clinical Assessment Concepts & Methods
  1. Evolution of the Prone Hip Extension Test
  2. Assessing Lateral Stability of the Hip & Pelvis
  3. Arthrogenic Neuromuscular Inhibition - Investigation of Existence in the Hip
  4. Diagnostic Accuracy of Clinical Tests of Hip Pathology - Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis
  5. Acetabular Labral Tears - A Diagnostic Challenge
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #3 - Low Back Pain Clinical Research Updates
  1. Diagnostic Imaging for Low Back Pain
  2. Diagnostic Utility of Tests for Spinal Dysfunction
  3. Medication for Low Back Pain - State of the Literature
  4. Advancements in the Management of Spine Disorders
  5. Glucosamine Supplementation - Low Back Pain Updates
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #4 - Pain 101 Central Sensitization & Neural Plasticity
  1. Central Sensitization Clinical Application
  2. Central Sensitization Mechanisms and Neural Plasticity
  3. Motor Learning and Neuroplasticity in Rehabilitation
  4. Driving Plasticity in the Motor Cortex in LBP
  5. QUIZ
COURSE #5 - Rehabilitation 102 Chronic Low Back Pain
  1. Core Stabilization in Lumbosacral Radiculopathy
  2. Training Volume in Rehabilitation for Chronic Low Back Pain
  3. Physical and Rehabilitation Interventions for CLBP - Systematic Review
  4. External Pelvic Compression and Lumbopelvic Neuromotor Control
  5. Altering Spinal Loads to Relieve LBP - Case Series
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #6 - Sports Medicine 102 Lower Limb Functional Injuries
  1. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome Diagnostic Tests, Risk and Prognostic Factors
  2. Clinical Tests for Diagnosing Stress Fractures
  3. Foot Type and Lower Extremity Injury Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  4. Risk Factors for Hamstring Injuries Summary of Two Systematic Reviews
  5. QUIZ
COURSE #7 - Temporomandibular Joint 101 Evaluation & Treatment
  1. Temporomandibular Disorders Part 1 - Anatomy, Examination & Diagnosis
  2. Temporomandibular Disorders Part 2 - Conservative Management
  3. Myofascial Temporomandibular Joint Pain & the Trigeminal & Limbic Systems
  4. Intraoral Therapy for Chronic Myogenous Temporomandibular Disorder
  5. QUIZ
COURSE #8 - Thoracic Spine 104 Respiration, Chest Pain & Hypertension
    1. Respiratory Pressure Changes After Segmentally-Directed Spinal Manipulation
    2. Chest and Neck Mobilizations - Effects on Spirometry in Healthy Subjects
    3. Manual Therapy for Childhood Respiratory Disease - Systematic Review
    4. Chiropractic vs. Self-Management for Non-Coronary Acute Chest Pain
    5. SMT for Treating Hypertension - Qualitative Literature Review
    6. QUIZ
  1. Go to the first Course, proceed through the lessons using the 'Next Arrow Icon' in bottom right corner and complete the quiz at the end of each course in the Bundle. NOTE: a score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate (you may re-attempt the quiz if necessary), and MUST open each lesson in the course or the system will not generate the certificate.
  2. If you wish, you can download the 1-Credit Certificate for that individual course. Then return to the Course Bundle through the sidebar navigation to complete the remaining courses in that Bundle.
    To download the FINAL certificate for all 8 Courses-8 Credits, all quizzes MUST BE COMPLETED. At the bottom is a link to your FINAL certificate for the entire Bundle. NOTE: this final certificate will include the Bundle title (ex. 'BUNDLE 09 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits') as well as the titles of the Courses within this bundle.
  3. You can also access your Certificates at any time using the 'MY CERTIFICATES' menu link in top menu.
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