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The Research Reviews and Online Courses are great. It is an excellent source of information for practitioners. Having readily digestible, practically oriented research is key to keeping our diagnosis and treatment protocols current. Thanks very much for this. 
Dr. Isaac Cristoveanu

These Research Reviews are great! I can't believe it took me so long to subscribe. They are so relevant to everything I do in clinic. Every one I have listened to so far has a practical message that I can take back to the clinic and improve my patient care. I particularly like the the mp3 format as I can listen to it when I drive to work every morning. Every clinician in musculoskeletal practice needs to be listening to these reviews. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
Dr. Stefan Eberspaecher
Clinical Coordinator for the Botswana Spine Care Program
Department of Orthopedics, Princess Marina Hospital

Thanks for all the information you provide on RRS. I find the weekly reviews help to keep me informed. The courses are great too, especially since family obligations make it more difficult to attend seminars and courses in person as I used to like to do. I continually hear from patients that they like my approach as I am constantly talking about what the research tells us, providing evidence based exercises and advice for home and work, and my treatments incorporate so much more that just 'an adjustment'. Much appreciated! I mention your service to as many of my Australian colleagues as I can. Please keep up the great work!
Dr. Alison Leitch

Nicely done! The reports are a bit more detailed than I have seen others offer, and from what I can tell, they seem prudent and well considered. This is no small thing- too many secondary source sites seem to provide short and not all that informative reports, and some have significant biases. I see that the bias, if that is the correct term here, is simply to present best evidence and not to slant conclusions toward some preconceived stance. This is very good. So, long story short, it's well done. Congrats to you for that.
Dana J. Lawrence, DC, MMedEd, MA

Your article on 'Low Back Pain - A Contemporary Healthcare Crisis' made me proud of (what) our profession (can be). As a member of CMCC's Board of Governors it is my duty to see that our Vision (to be an academic institution recognized for creating leaders in spinal health) is fulfilled. The approach to practice that you espouse is perfectly in line with the ethic that properly garners the cultural authority to be leaders in spinal health. I sincerely hope that your voice rings out beyond the circle of "informed" practitioners to educate both the outliers in our profession as well as the many stakeholders who stand to gain from chiropractic establishing it's rightful place in the health care community. Thank you.
Dr. David Gryfe, Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)

If I may say, with my BCA hat on, this is a fantastic service and has been very popular with BCA members. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Shawn is well respected and delivered an excellent lecture at the BCA Conference last year. I also saw him in action at the Ontario Chiropractors Conference and it is clear that his work is well utilised and of great value to the profession.
Richard Brown DC, LL.M, FCC, FBCA, FEAC
Past President, British Chiropractic Association
Secretary General, World Federation of Chiropractic

I wanted to send a thank you for the service. The ability to quickly and efficiently review pertinent MSK research with a clinical applicability synopsis is invaluable. Keep up the great work!
Dr. Agostino Di Paolo
Vaughan Spine & Sport Therapy

I have been an RRS subscriber for many years now. As my practice has grown and life has become busier, I have found it to be an invaluable service for keeping up to date on new trends in manual medicine. Thanks for all your efforts.
Dr. Geoff Gamble, St. Catharines Ontario
Niagara Health & Rehab Centre

After earning an evidence-based education at CMCC, I was determined to keep current on research once I began to practice. However, it was not as easy as I had originally anticipated. The only access I had to journals was through CMCC - and I did not have as much time to read as I thought I would once my schedule became busy.

Dr. Shawn Thistle has created wonderful venues for chiropractors and physiotherapists to gain up-to-date information without having to do tedious database searching or analysis of the research being reported. He provides a 'Coles Notes' service of research so that even the busiest of practitioners can benefit.

Recently I had the pleasure of taking aseminar with him through The Epicurean Scholar on current low back pain guidelines. It was one of the most enjoyable seminar experiences I have had in some time. Not only was the content just what I was looking for, but the food he offered us was far superior to any other course I have taken. I highly recommend attending one of his  seminars! Thank you, Shawn! I look forward to your cervical seminar next year!
Dr. Beth Douglas
Commerce Court Health Toronto

Dr. Thistle is a gifted presenter with a sense of humor. I have heard him speak when presenting on the highly respected Research Review Service Inc. he developed in 2006 and also at a presentation on 'Hip Mobility for Spine Sparing'. However, I am sure he could choose any subject from his RRS literature and come up with an excellent, thought-provoking lecture.

In his introduction to RRS, he ensures that we understand what evidence-informed practice really means. There are a lot of concerns about what really constitutes best evidence in the treatment of MSK problems. Dr. Thistle deals with all of these and with his succinct, no-nonsense style of presenting, leads us to realize that to become an evidence-based practitioner is no longer arduous and time consuming but fun and also vital if we want to ensure credibility.

He uses only the most up-to-date, quality research to support his lectures and gently but effectively encourages practitioners to question their existing treatment protocols. Many of us treat in a particular way because; 'I've always done it like this'.

By describing the shortcomings of available literature, Dr. Thistle tells us how to become more selective regarding references we use to support our clinical procedures, ensuring that we are more accountable and ultimately more respected by both patients and other healthcare practitioners.

When lecturing about clinical problems, Dr. Thistle ensures that all the information he imparts is evidence based. He begins by summarizing the literature which supports the problem and highlights any shortcomings, then goes on to practical advice and treatment. His lectures are easy to follow and full of interventions and up-to-date procedures we can 'use on Monday'.

Above all, he never uses 'belief systems' to support his lectures. You can be sure that anything you are told in a lecture by Dr. Thistle has been thoroughly researched. He really makes us think about why we do what we do.

It is our duty as chiropractors to ensure that our treatments are as evidence based as possible and that we are not using treatment protocols based just on a 'belief' system. Research Review Service is a brilliant tool that not only provides us with the most relevant and best quality research about a particular condition but it also addresses the clinical application of the research.

No more trips to the library, spending hours hunting through journals and worrying about an article's quality or buying full texts on line only to find that most of the time the article is not relevant - RRS does all the hard work for you and is updated weekly!

Using RRS means I can pass on to my patients information regarding the various treatments available to them and how likely they are to help, not based on anecdote but current fact, which is excellent for patient compliance and referrals, because they can trust what I am saying.
Dr. Jan Krir (British Chiropractic Association)

I had an odd day in my practice yesterday...3 different patients in a row presented with different TMJ dysfunction. I have a clinical interest in TMJ so I was excited for the challenge and when I woke this morning to find that the article for this week was TMJ I was cautiously optimistic. I didn't need reassurance that intra-oral techniques are affective for TMJ treatment, but when I got half way through reading the article I thought, they never give enough information about specific techniques used.

So I was pleasantly surprised to not only find that they were detailed, but there were pictures! Thanks, you made my day! And I have added 2 new exercises to my technique tool bag for TMJ treatment that I will be implementing today for my patients. I love it when research actually helps me do more for my patients today. Thanks for the great review.
Dr. Spencer Devenney

I've always found the reviews on RRS helpful and great reads as the authors never fail to highlight the important 'take-home' message, while also ensuring to keep the reader grounded by mentioning the weaknesses of the study design. I really hope everyone recognizes the scale of this opportunity and takes advantage of it.

Having been out in practice for a few months now I can say that one of the things that separates a great practitioner from a good one is being current and on top of the research to provide patients with the best clinical practice methods possible - RRS Reviews gives you this opportunity on a silver platter. We are no good to our patients by worshiping the past, we need to stay informed and embrace the present and future.
Dr. Aaron Pereira
NR Medical Clinic

Thank you! I LOVE the resource and only wish I'd subscribed earlier. Good work providing the profession with an easy way to stay current on what research is finding. It reflects positively on us as professionals to be able to cite literature that impacts our patients. I felt like I was in way over my head, didn't know where to start, what to read and how to keep up! Your service has completely changed that!  Good work!
Dr. Kerri Brooker, Winnipeg MB
Team Chiro

RRS Reviews is such an easy and wonderful way to keep in touch with research developments pertinent to this great profession.
Van Redecopp, Cranbrook BC
Chiropractic in Cranbrook

Shawn brings us, a vision of what this profession can be. He gives an honest portrayal of where we are strong, where we are weak, and where we must go.
Dr. Ward MacDonald
Past President, Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors (NSCC)

I have established new relationships with medical physicians in my area by providing them with information I have learned from your site. Fantastic stuff. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Brian Graham, Seattle WA
Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre

If you have ever said to yourself that you would love to read current research but don't have the time, RRS Research Reviews is for you. The weekly reviews are easy to read and brief, without leaving out relevant information. I particularly enjoy how all articles are very neatly archived by subject.
Dr. Jeff Marshall, Goulds NL Canada
Back Home Chiropractic - Acupuncture

RRS Research Reviews offers an ideal forum to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. By subscribing you will inevitably improve the quality and efficiency of your treatments, thus providing a better service for your patients.
Dr. Craig McNamee, Toronto ON Canada

Great Service. Excellent aid to staying current with research literature.
Dr. Dennis Desjardins, Calgary AB
Power Health Chinook

Being in full time practice, the RRS has been a very quick and convenient way to not only keep up with the latest research, but to also continually review valuable forgotten knowledge. Consequently, my patient care continues to improve and my success as a Chiropractor continues to grow. Thanks!
Dr. Karim Riskallah Toronto ON

Really enjoy the work and effort you put into this site and hope you will continue! I like the fact that I can read reviews on my own time and in the quiet of my home.
Greg Swenarchuk D.C.

"I am currently practicing chiropractic overseas in Malaysia, so I try to keep up my CE credits online. Being an RRS subscriber has given me the chance to introduce chiropractic to this region using evidence-based studies to show the value and support of chiropractic care for a wide range of symptoms and conditions.
Dr. Barry Kluner, Malaysia
The Spinal Joint Posture & Spine Care Centre

A great service. I don't always have the time to search out and sift through the research. Thanks for doing the work for me. I really look forward to each new article. Thanks Shawn.
Alev Toran D.C., New York USA

Research Review Service is a useful time management tool for the professional interested in keeping abreast of new research with limited time investment.
Dr. Robert J Bailey, Australia

RRS is a great service. Finding time to stay current in the literature is often challenging. RRS does the leg work for you, and presents the information in a logical, readily available format. It's well worth the price of admission.
Kurt A. Strecker, DC, LLC, Old Saybrook CT USA
The Center for Better Health

Research Review Service has been an excellent way to stay up to date with current research and recommendations for care. The summaries are straight forward and to the point, making it easy to absorb the information and implement it. With this type of service there is no excuse for not staying educated in the lastest research in our profession.
Dr. Franco Vincelli, Ottawa ON
Barrhaven Chiropractic Health Centre

C'est le meilleur moyen que j'ai trouvé pour me tenir à jour dans la littérature scientifique. En plus, c'est facile et bien résumé!
It's the best way I found to stay up to date with the litterature. And it's easy to use and concise.
Dre Annie Gagné D.C.

The review of current literature is essential to staying on the cutting edge. With 100's of publications coming out monthly this can be a daunting task; the Research Review Service does an excellent job of finding research that is not only relevant to clinical practice but essential to growth of the practicing Doctor...I would highly recommend this service to any practitioner in the musculoskeletal world.
Michael Maxwell, Victoria, BC, Canada
Somatic Senses: Health & Human Performance Ltd.

RRS is an excellent, up to date and effortless way to keep updated on important issues within the field of chiropractic. After 6 years of university study, always presented with the latest material, suddenly keeping updated took much more effort, and frankly, I did not bother up until I found RRS. On several occasions I have used the material presented in clinic the same week I read it.
Dr. T. Thomassen, Din Helse Norge AS

As my practice continues to grow, plus my duties as a mom, I find it very difficult to perform literature searches and keep up on all of the new information out there on manual medicine. I find the concise and informative reviews a great way to keep up on many evidence-based approaches and ultimately better treat my patients. Also, if I need further insight into the studies, the review service allows me to see if a paper is worth retrieving.
Dr. Tammy Langedyk, Don Mills, ON
Balanced Health Care

As a fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists, I need to stay abreast of the latest research and evidence based treatment options. Your reviews cover a wide range of journals and topics. The concise one page format makes getting the highlites quick. The summation helps relate the findings to everyday practice. Thanks for the searchable database as well.
William R. Johnson, DC, Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Pain Relief Center

I am enjoying the research review service. It really helps me to feel like I am keeping up with things. I like the format and flow of the reviews. They provide a good bite of information without having to read through too much text. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Dean Wright, Newmarket ON

I am impressed with the reporting accomplished with the Review Service. I've been reading journals for over 3 decades, and occasionally contributed to articles. But, for the past 5 years I've struggled to keep up with the wide range of journals and information that I need to conduct my professional practice. You have made my life much more manageable with the selection and summarization of articles that directly relate to my daily practice. And, updating and revising information on an ongoing basis is a bonus. Thanks for your effort and the excellent product you provide.
Dr. Eric Jackson, Ottawa ON
Wellness House

I'm enjoying your service immensely. I'm certain you've heard similar feedback already but I really appreciate having quality information summarized and presented in such a readable and user- friendly fashion.
Dr. Clara Leung, Toronto ON

I enjoy the service very much. The writing is clear, complete and efficient. I am busy trying to juggle being chiropractor, business owner and mother to an infant (not necessarily in that order) and the service helps me feel like I'm attending to  being a chiropractor more, without taking away extra time from being a mother.
Dr. Wendy Martin
Eastside Chiropractic, Toronto ON

In many respects, I have benefited immensely from this Service. It takes so long to research journals, find ones that are clinically relevant and get access without paying exorbitant fees. Our profession should embrace a service which provides us with sound evidence to incorporate into the treatment of our patients that is both prudent and progressive. I highly recommend this service.
Dr. Genieve Burley-Howes, Vancouver
Broadway@Yew Chiropractic & Massage

I want to send a quick thank you for all the work you've done with the Research Review Service Inc. Although I have only been practicing for about 5 months I had concerns about how I was going to keep up with the current research in our profession. You have now eliminated that concern for me, so thank you very much!
Dr. Kim Baker, Toronto ON
Dr. Kim Baker

I have been using Research Review Service since its inception. The wealth of knowledge offered over many rehabilitation fields is commendable. I know of no other such service that can match its quality and accuracy. I have come to depend on the weekly updates to keep me current and to offer new approaches to my clients. Keep up the good work!
Dr. Bryan DiFrancesco, Hamilton
Active Body Clinic

With the amount of new literature out there on manual medicine it is often hard to keep up to date. I have found this service to be a great help with keeping current in the world of evidence-based medicine. I strongly recommend this tool to all of my students as well as my colleagues.
Dr. Andreo Spina, Milton ON

With a busy practice, I do not have a lot of time to search the variety of journals that I should. As a result, I find that your service fills a real need, and saves me much time by providing me with clinically relevant summaries on a regular basis. Please keep up the good work.
Dr. Gary Dyck, Barrie

Being a trainer is difficult enough these days, as the amount of competition out there is formidable. Using this service has allowed me to be at the top of my game, while staying current with the research. Think of all the precious time you can save researching new techniques and important information. For me I would rather be using my time to make extra money and Research Reviews has helped me do just that.
Brendan Peel BPHE, CSCS Conditioning Specialist, Kinesiologist Toronto

As a trainer it is important to stay current on medical literature and reviews to maximize a client's potential in the gym and drive my client retention. Research Review Service has been an excellent source for accurate research and physical conditioning articles. Not only has my knowledge base increased from this service, but my clients have benefited from the applied knowledge.
Eric Williams. BPHE, CPT, CSCS Kinesiologist, Conditioning Specialist

As a personal trainer, your ability to reach a client's true potential is what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry. It is also the responsibility of anyone supervising the health of a client to remain up to date on the latest research in terms of safety, efficiency and productivity. With RRS, I am given the ability to apply this fitness-related research to my personal training clients. Client retention, loyalty and, most importantly results, are the products of RRS. There really is no other way to stay on top of the pertinent fitness research with the huge volume of information being written about health and fitness!
Adam Reynolds, BHSC(Kin), CSCS

I have been a patient of Dr. Thistle's for 2 years and he has repeatedly exceeded my expectations as a mentor and a therapist. Not only because he corrects my imbalances, but he makes sure I leave with the knowledge to stay pain-free which makes me feel empowered. As a Personal Trainer myself, I was excited when he started his Research Reviews because it meant I could have his unique knowledge and perspective at my fingertips. RRS has been fantastic at keeping me current and able to always suprise my clients with accurate knowledge. I recommend RRS to any Personal Trainer who takes continuing education seriously. Thank you Shawn. I look forward to more of your services in the future.
Gregg Parris, Conditioning Specialist, Toronto
GPS Fitness

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