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RRS Education is proud to present our newest online course format! Professionally filmed and produced, these E-Seminars raise the bar for on-demand, online chiropractic continuing-education!

In this E-Seminar video format, Dr. Thistle will help you integrate recent evidence and best practices into your patient care with his entertaining, clinically applicable style of speaking.

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Chiropractic ‘Checkup from the Neck Up’ (8 Hours / 8 Credits - $399)

Topics include:

  • Headache and dizziness differential diagnosis and assessment
  • Concussion assessment and management
  • Ruling out potential emergent stroke in your neck pain/headache patients
  • Integration of manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and other ‘from the neck up’ techniques for your patients

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SINGLE TOPIC E-SEMINAR COURSES (same content as the full program above):

Headache, Vertigo & Cervicogenic Dizziness (3 Hours/ 3 Credits - $149)

Headaches and vertigo/dizziness are common, ranging from a daily nuisance to disabling and life-changing for our patients. Chiropractors can skillfully triage, assess and manage these conditions for most patients – but arriving at the correct diagnosis is paramount in formulating effective treatment strategies! This E-Seminar consists of two sections:

SECTION 1: Differential Diagnosis & Assessment

A review of differential diagnosis and relevant clinical testing procedures for your patients with headache, dizziness or vertigo.

SECTION 2: Treatment Considerations

A contemporary summary of the evidence pertaining to the appropriateness and efficacy of manual therapy, including chiropractic care, for headache and cervicogenic dizziness.

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Concussion: An Evidence-Based Primer for Chiropractors (2 Hours / 2 Credits - $99)

Concussion in sporting environments is common, but this injury can also occur in occupational settings, motor vehicle collisions, falls, and so on. Chiropractors may see acute injuries as sideline clinicians, but also frequently encounter patients with a history of concussion. Evidence in this area is evolving rapidly in terms of best practices that all chiropractors should be aware of. This E-Seminar serves as an evidence-based primer to bring chiropractors up to speed on concussion.

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The ‘Dissection Connection’: Is this patient having a stroke? (2 Hours  / 2 Credits - $99)

Finally, a contemporary discussion about this controversial topic based on evidence and practice realities! Chiropractors should employ a high level of clinical suspicion in certain neck pain and headache patients who may be experiencing a prodrome or overt clinical manifestation of a cervical artery stroke. Protect your patients and insulate yourself and your practice from legal issues by reviewing and implementing best practices throughout the clinical encounter!

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