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All Aboard the Pain Train: A Chiropractor’s Guide to Chronic Pain / 10 Credits

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In this E-Seminar, Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos will bring you up to date on contemporary pain science, provide practical tools and advice and illuminate ‘Monday morning’ best practices to enhance your patient care for chronic pain!
  • What is pain and what do we know about it?
  • Treatment of the whole person
  • History and physical examination considerations for chronic pain
  • Sensory examination overview and interpretation
  • Summary of chronic pain phenotypes:
    1. Nociceptive
    2. Inflammatory
    3. Peripheral Neuropathic
    4. Nociplastic
    5. Psycho-Emotional
  1. Discuss, understand, and apply a comprehensive evidence-based guide for the assessment, prognosis, and rehabilitation of chronic pain
  2. Use standard pain assessments in relation to clinical case studies
  3. Discuss, understand, and apply phenotyping of chronic pain, based on a synthesis of the current evidence
  4. Understand, describe, and apply the various chronic pain mechanisms
  5. Acknowledge the role other health care providers play in a supporting you and your chronic
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Benefits of E-Seminars

1. Complete course content at your own pace from the comfort of home – no travel required!
2. Get caught up on new research & integrate it into patient care
3. Helpful tips & techniques for Monday morning
4. Interactive clinical case vignettes
5. Useful clinical tools & resources
6. Repeat or review course material any time
7. Downloadable Certificate of Completion

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