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Are you on the same page as you patients when it comes to their expectations and what matters to them? This week’s Review explores this topic…
Low back pain (LBP) is extremely common and remains a leading cause of disability. LBP patients often describe frustration and anger as they often feel misunderstood, stigmatized and trapped within the medical system. Studies have found that patients with LBP want a diagnosis and an explanation for their pain, while viewing simple descriptions like “age related changes” and “wear and tear” as unacceptable.
In addition to patients, physicians can frequently feel frustrated when managing LBP. Despite patients wanting a specific diagnosis, a study of family physicians found that most of them feel that appropriate treatments don’t require a precise diagnosis.
Also, arriving at an accurate diagnosis for most cases of back pain remains challenging.
It is suggested that fostering a positive relationship through alignment of patient expectations and shared decision making improves outcomes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the expectations of patients with LBP at the time they presented for consultation in an outpatient multi-specialty spine clinic and compare these to the assumptions of physicians.
THIS WEEK'S RESEARCH REVIEW: “Comparison of Patient Preferences & Physician Assumptions About Back Pain”
This paper was published in The Spine Journal (2022) and this Review is posted in Recent Reviews, Clinical Practice, Low Back Pain and the 2022 Archive.
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