This week, instead of a Research Review, I wanted to share a talk I originally created for the Norwegian Chiropractic Association’s Conference in 2019. With the current global pandemic limiting just about everything, my normal schedule of conference speaking has become a learning curve in filming and editing. Since I just adapted and filmed this talk for the British Chiropractic Association’s virtual conference last weekend, I thought I would share it openly this week with our subscribers and anyone who wants to watch. I filmed this at my home and did all the editing myself, so I hope you enjoy it. 

The name of the talk is 'Rising Action: Why chiropractic’s next ‘act’ really matters'

I invite you to WATCH HERE and let me know what you think (the talk is about 30 minutes).

Outline: Our profession evolved and survived on the ‘shoulders of giants’ during our first ‘act’. To borrow further from the literary world, what comes next - in our second ‘act’ - is crucial, as we can now thrive and prosper on the foundation of science! Contemporary research is facilitating unprecedented awareness of the extensive, multifaceted burden of chronic, painful disorders and eroding many long-held beliefs and approaches within traditional treatment models.  In combination with numerous impactful areas of emerging research, our opportunity has never been greater to add value, serve the public and address a glaring need! In this entertaining and inspiring presentation, Dr. Thistle will help you embrace your inner chiro-nerd and illuminate our bright future!

In 2020, conference speaking involves fewer airplanes and drinks with friends and colleagues around the world, and much more of this...