There have been various studies examining the association between lumbar multifidus muscle impairments in relation to low back pain (LBP). Generally speaking, these studies have identified that LBP patients have multifidus muscles that are structurally and functionally deficient. For example, structurally there is atrophy and fatty infiltrate and functionally there is delayed and attenuated contraction.
Shear-wave elastography (SWE) is a newer technique which quantifies shear modulus. Shear modulus estimates the elasticity or stiffness of the soft tissue by measuring the propagation speed of ultrasound-induced shear-waves within the tissue.
The purpose of this current study was to compare the stiffness of resting and contracted lumbar spine musculature in individuals with and without LBP. The secondary aim of this study was to explore the relationships between self-reported and physical examination measures with resting and contracted muscle stiffness in LBP individuals…LOG IN OR SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS THIS REVIEW!
THIS WEEK'S RESEARCH REVIEW: “Association of Lumbar Muscle Stiffness with Pain & Disability in LBP Patients” (Musculoskeletal Science and Practice 2020)
This paper was published in the Musculoskeletal Science and Practice (2020) and this Review is posted in Recent Reviews, Low Back Pain and the 2020 Archive.
shear wave elastography