Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of years lived with disability, with a point prevalence of 4.9%.  Often a chronic condition, neck pain represents a significant economic burden to health care systems and patient quality of life. 

In clinical practice, we are often asked if a patient’s current neck pain could be related to a prior motor vehicle accident (MVA) ‘way back when’…what can we tell them?

Neck pain is, of course, common following MVAs, and the question of whether neck pain suffered as a result of an MVA is a causal factor for long-term neck pain remains unanswered.  Neck pain is known to persist for up to one year following MVA and injury status at the time of the accident is also known as a predictor of injury risk.  There is little in the literature, however, regarding the predictability of neck pain following MVA-related neck injury.  

The objective of this study was to review and meta-analyze the available data in order to estimate the risk for an association between MVA-exposure to neck pain and future neck pain…LOG IN OR SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS THIS REVIEW

THIS WEEK'S RESEARCH REVIEW: "Exposure to a Motor Vehicle Collision and the Risk of Future Neck Pain”

This paper was published in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2019) and this Review is posted in Recent Reviews, Neck Pain, Whiplash and the 2020 Archive.

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