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Clinicians in many disciplines commonly measure active cervical range of motion (aCROM) to describe impairments in cervical mobility, determine prognosis, and evaluate the effects of treatment. It remains unclear how useful aCROM measurements are in a clinical setting, as studies on differences in aCROM between patients with neck pain and asymptomatic patients have shown conflicting results. It is important to note that these studies often include heterogeneous groups of patients, consider different planes of movement, and utilize different measurement procedures, all of which make it difficult to form definite conclusions. This review (published in the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - 2017) aimed to systematically assess the literature to determine whether, and to what extent, patients with neck pain differ from patients without neck pain on 2-dimensional aCROM, to assess differences in aCROM between patients with acute neck pain and those with chronic neck pain, and to assess differences in aCROM between individuals with nonspecific neck pain and those with WAD…LOG IN NOW OR SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS THIS REVIEW!
ROM differences

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