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In 2012, the Danish Health Authority was commissioned to formulate evidence-based, national clinical guidelines related to areas with a high burden of disease, perceived variation in practice or uncertainty about which care was appropriate, including low back pain (LBP) and lumbar radiculopathy (LR).  It is estimated that 15% of Danish people suffer from LBP at a given time, and the majority will experience LBP throughout their lifetime – not dissimilar form other regions around the world. With or without radiculopathy, LBP is a leading cause of disability and has a major socioeconomic impact on society, accounting for 10% of visits to a general practitioner and 20% of sick days.  The majority of those experiencing LBP will experience recurrence and 1-10% will experience LR. The purpose of this paper (published in the European Spine Journal) was to summarize the two national clinical guidelines regarding recommendations based on clinical questions for LBP and LR…SUBSCRIBE OR LOG IN TO READ THE FULL RESEARCH REVIEW!
Clinical Practice Guidelines

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