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All international clinical guidelines include and recommend advice as an effective treatment for acute low back pain (LBP). However, the details surrounding this particular intervention (such as the content, method of delivery, and treatment regimen) are not clearly defined, despite the importance of these details in guiding the administration of advice in practice. To date, no studies have investigated whether the advice interventions recommended in the clinical guidelines for LBP are in concordance with those studied in trials. Thus, we do not know if clinical practice guidelines are appropriately informing clinicians wishing to deliver effective, evidence-based advice to patients with acute LBP. This study (published in The Spine Journal in 2017): 1) assessed the completeness of reporting of advice interventions tested in RCTs and recommended in practice guidelines; 2) characterized the content, method of delivery, and regimen of advice interventions in RCTs and guidelines; and 3) assessed the concordance between the advice interventions supported by RCTs and those recommended in acute LBP clinical practice guidelines…LOG IN OR SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS THE FULL REVIEW!
Advice for Acute LBP Patients

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