In the past, dorsal scapular nerve (DSN) neuropathy has rarely been considered as a differential diagnosis for mid scapular or upper to mid back pain. However, a number of studies have shown evidence that individuals with these types of pain patterns who do not respond to normal care may be suffering from DSN neuropathy, making this a differential diagnosis that should be included in these types of cases. DSN neuropathy shares many signs and symptoms with other diagnoses, including cervicogenic dorsalgia (CD), notalgia paresthetica (NP), SICK scapula, and a general posterolateral arm pain pattern. From an anatomical standpoint, the DSN provides a direct link from the mid to lower cervical spine to the mid-scapular area. This paper (published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association in 2017) provides a narrative review of the anatomy and function of the DSN, an exploration of the epidemiology, sign and symptoms, and possible mechanisms of DNS injury, and a look at the possible role of DNS neuropathy in other diagnoses in the area…LOG IN OR SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS THIS AND OVER 750 RESEARCH REVIEWS!
Dorsal Scapular Nerve Neuropathy
*Image used with permission from JCCA

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