Back pain affects 60-80% of the global population at some point, and in its chronic form can lead to significant disability. Data indicates there is an increased risk of low back pain (LBP) in individuals over 65 years of age, women, individuals with a low level of education, those working in manual labour positions, smokers, and individuals on antidepressant medications. Clinically, the challenge with lower back pain (LBP) is to determine the exact pathology and/or anatomical origin. Many patients suffer LBP from discogenic causes - ranging from degenerative changes to overt herniation. These patients typically require different treatment approaches compared to patients with mechanical (or as some say, non-specific) LBP. The trial reviewed this week compared mobilization to conventional physiotherapy for patients with chronic, discogenic LBP…LOG IN OR SUBSCRIBE TO READ OR LISTEN TO THIS REVIEW!
Spinal Mobilization

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